Tideway Communications Wins The Little House Company PR Account

August 10, 2010

Tideway Communications has been appointed by The Little House Company to manage the PR for their re-launch which will take place on 15th September 2010.

www.thelittlehousecompany.co.uk is the UK’s most established private property sales website and its re-launch date has been chosen to coincide with its tenth anniversary.

Kerry Nicholas, Managing Director at Tideway Communications says, “As house prices fall in many parts of the UK and estate agents still seek their 1.5 – 2 % cut, many vendors are taking matters into their own hands. It is estimated that private sales websites currently account for just 2% of the market in the UK – in the USA it is more like 15% and in Germany it is 60%. There has been very little change in the way properties have been sold in the UK for over 50 years and the market is ripe for innovation.”

She continues, “Already 80% of property buyers use the internet to search for what they are looking for. The next obvious step is to make contact with the vendor directly. Our client, Nick Marr, CEO of www.thelittlehousecompany.co.uk believes that private sales in the UK will double to 4% in a year and keep doubling each year until the figures are closer to 50/50.”

Kerry Nicholas also believes that the PR campaign may rock the boat amongst the traditional estate profession. Marr insists that he is not against the estate agency profession and does not discourage vendors to use his website alongside the services of an estate agent.   But he is keen to promote the fact that the law does not require a property transaction to be managed by an estate agent – that it is safe, legal and allowed for people to bypass the services of a conventional estate agent.

  • The Little House Company provides a leading online direct advertising service for private property sellers (selling homes without an estate agent). Over 70% of all UK buyers now use the internet to find their next home and The Little House Company offer one of the most established and effective services for advertising any UK home directly to a vast audience and potentially saving £000’s in agents commission.
  • Their SELF-SELL no-agent advertising packages give you complete control over your advertising with online 24hr access, no time limits, no hidden charges and superb customer service and support.
  • The straightforward online registration process allows you to set up and manage all your details easily and quickly and their automated systems update all the advertising on their entire network for you.
  • It’s just like placing a private ad in your local paper, but MUCH better, more targeted and effective. The advertising fees are fixed, there is no commission or anything else to pay on completion of your sale and your advertising continues until the property is sold – no time limits, no hidden costs.
  • The Little House Company properties are widely published on the leading UK property portal websitesHome.co.uk, Fish4 and Homes & Property (the Daily Mail group property website linked to other sites in their network) and well ranked in major search engines like Google – in all the advertising appears on over 350 UK websites, including 4Homes (Channel4) and 300 local newspaper websites around the UK.
  • The Little House Company is not an estate agent and therefore their advertising does not conflict with a Sole Agency contract. You don’t have to give up an existing agent to use their service, but you WILL save the agent’s commission if you find your buyer using advertising you purchase via The Little House Company.

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