Winning new business

October 6, 2010

Winning new business is very much down to understanding your market and gaining useful knowledge in order to attract new clients.

There are a few steps to be taken under consideration when trying to win new clients:

  • Research:

Market trends news in the sector

What competition is doing

Maximise the use of old database of contacts – update them

  • Use Referrals:

Maximize the use of previous clients’ positive referrals from satisfied customers

Identify unique selling points and communicate these extensively.

  • Network:

Attend networking events, trade shows, seminars and exhibitions where potential new business can be found.

Join trade associations and relevant business groups that can help.

  • Work in partnership:

Get in touch with other businesses offering services that are aimed at similar customers;  it can prove very cost effective to get to new customers.

  • Professional  image:

Approach new business in the right way, using presentation material, professional image.

  • Assess, improve your image:

Update your business details, website with the latest news. Showcase success stories and case studies and highlight your products and services. Engage customers and attract new ones through forums, web-based seminars (‘webinars’) or podcasts. Maximise use of social media to get in touch with relevant businesses in your market.

Tideway Communications believe the best creative results come from properly knowing our client’s business. We make it our mission to fully understand and reflect their objectives and their values. That’s how we get the very best results.

We offer a full range of creative communications services including:

  • bespoke multi-disciplinary communications programmes
  • corporate identity programmes
  • strategic media planning and media buying
  • media relations, public relations and social media campaigns
  • writing for print and online media to include full length articles and features,
    corporate literature, sales brochures and newsletters
  • copywriting and translation
  • sponsorship
  • TV, radio and press promotions
  • presentations and conference organisation
  • exhibitions
  • event management

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When interviewed by Globaledge back in October 2008 at the beginning of the economic crisis, Kerry Nicholas,  gave some spot on advice about what would be the next millionaires’ real estate investment destinations. Among these predictions were Brazil, Morocco and Poland.

Kerry is MD at Tideway Communications and has worked in the property industry since the days of the 1987 stock market crash


Brazil is the world’s tenth largest economy and forecast to be the fifth by 2020. Brazil’s GDP fell only 0.2% in the worldwide slump of 2009, on 10th May 2010  in a weekly survey the Brazilian Central Bank, came up with a median forecast for 2010 growth of 6.26%. Brazil is one among few countries that welcomes a strong influx of foreign investors for the real estate sector. Brazil currently enjoys  a £140 billion cushion in foreign exchange reserves. Foreign investors’ new aims for Brazil are directed towards its domestic real estate potential, taking into account the country’s middle class growth and the 7.8 million housing shortage. The economy has also a very healthy banking system and a very healthy private non financial sector making it easier for Brazil to avoid the impact of the global crisis.


The Moroccan economy achieved, during the 4th quarter of 2009, a growth rate of 7.8%, compared to 3.1% during the same period of 2008, the state’s statistics office Haut Commissariat au Plan (HCP) said. Morocco’s government says that its reforms over the past decade enabled it to better address the impact of the global slump on the country’s economy. It says that the Kingdom would maintain annual economic growth averaging five percent until 2012.

Poland :

For most of the world, 2009 was a year best forgotten, but in Poland it was a year of enormous success, leaving the country the only member of the European Union not to fall into a recession during the global economic crisis.

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